How To Use Green Tea For Getting Amazing Benefits
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How To Use Green Tea For Getting Amazing Benefits

How To Use Green Tea For Getting Amazing Benefits?

As you need to have seen by currently, that tea leaf has myriad edges. Moreover, folks from everywhere the planet have tried and tested these edges themselves. you’ll any maximize the advantages of tea leaf by following the following tips and suggestions:How To Use Green Tea For Getting Amazing Benefits

1. Do not drink Green Tea on associate empty abdomen because it releases internal organ acids within the abdomen. Moreover, caffein in tea may also cause dehydration that might prove harmful if you plan to travel on a exertion at that time.

2. For effective weight loss, you’ll drink Green Tea together with your meals. It prevents absorption of fat in addition as increase the metabolism of the body. However, avoid doing this if you’ve got a sensitive abdomen susceptible to abdomen aches and different gut connected issues.

3. Consume Green Tea in between your meals or in a very gap of 2-3 hours before or once the meals. this may conjointly facilitate in higher absorption of iron, B vitamin (vitamin B1) and different macronutrients. this might not happen if you’re taking tea leaf together with your meals.

4. Avoid taking Green tea forthwith before attending to sleep because the caffein content will have an effect on the standard of your sleep. Have it a minimum of before associate hour of attending to sleep. you may not solely sleep higher however conjointly avoid the urge to urinate once intense a caffeine-rich drink.

5. Many people drink excessive  Tea basic cognitive process it’d cause a quicker weight loss. However, the additional isn’t essentially higher and might prove harmful instead (Check out a number of the key facet effects of inexperienced tea). you’ll bring home the bacon cheap weight loss goals by intense as fewer as two.5 cups per day.

6. Refrain from drinking Green Tea forthwith once meals. this will be as a result of catechins gift in it can interfere with the right absorption of nutrients throughout the digestion method.

7. The best time to possess Tea are often within the late once noon after 2-3 hours of lunch. At that time, the caffein content in  Tea will facilitate North American nation recharge and stay contemporary. you may conjointly reap most edges of antioxidants gift within the tea.

8. Take care whereas production your Tea. don’t place tea leaf into boiling water. this might severely have an effect on the catechins within the tea leaf. once boiling the water, enable it to cool down down a small amount for 10-12 minutes so add tea leaf extract.
So, you see there area unit many edges of  Tea thanks to which individuals from all round the work area unit victimization it for varied problems with health and fitness. notwithstanding you are doing not have any issue, you’ll safely drink Green Tea often as long as you’re taking it in restricted amounts.

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