side effects of eating melons
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Top Five side effects of eating melons|You May Not Have Known

Top Five side effects of eating melons | You May Not Have Known

side effects of eating melons
  1. Could Hamper Sugar levels (side effects of eating melons)

Diabetes mellitus may be a condition characterized by elevated blood sugar(glucose) levels. dietetics specializer and Health professional Shilpa Arora says, more than melons might not be the simplest of plan for diabetics. “It will cause sugar overload that could lead on to high blood glucose levels.” The glycemic index of watermelon is seventy two, that is high. Cantaloupe encompasses a GI worth of sixty five. Cantaloupe could also be ninetieth water by weight, however still has nine grams of sugar in it. it’s continually higher to consult a doctor before you consume it on a daily.

2. Impact On Castro-intestinal Tract (side effects of eating melons)

According to writing, bound food mixtures could disturb the conventional functioning of the stomachic hearth and upset the balance of doshas in our body. In his book, Ayurvedic Home Remedies, Dr. Vasant Lad makes a suggestion for all types of melons, ”eat them alone or leave them alone”. this suggests they ought to not be paired with something. Bangalore-based specializer Dr. Anju Sood conjointly advises against water once intake too several watermelons. She says, “It will have an effect on your digestive tract. Watermelon is generally water, sugar and fibre. Microbes or bacterium want water and sugar to develop and expand. So, if you drink water once having watermelons, there area unit a lot of possibilities of the microbes spreading across your canal.”

3. Issue In Metabolizing (side effects of eating melons)

Shilpa tells U.S.A., it’s not terribly wise to binge on watermelons at the hours of darkness. It gets progressively robust within the evening to burn this straightforward sugar effectively. The organic {process|biological process} process is slower than usual at the hours of darkness, hence, it’s counseled to stay off candied and acidic foods. Watermelons have an oversized proportion of natural sugar which can induce weight gain. Besides, intake terribly candied or acidic food late within the evening could even hinder your sleep quality.

4. Risk Of Missing Out On different Essential Macro nutrients

Love melons? nice. however make certain you exercise portion management. intake solely melons could cause you to too full to load on foods that area unit wealthy in different essential nutrients like healthy fats and proteins. Our body desires all nutrients inbound proportion to sustain and be healthy.

5. Could lead to symptom Diarrhoea  (side effects of eating melons)

Watermelon positive makes for a wonderful fruit for its high water content and fibre. however intense an excessive amount of of it’s going to pave approach for symptom, claim some consultants. Watermelon contains sorbitol that’s a sugar compound, that in moderate amount is okay. However, if taken in excess, it’s better-known to encourage loose stools and gas problems.

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